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Orlando Professional Portraits: Guest Blogger: Benenati Law

We are excited to welcome guest blogger today the Benenati Law Firm of Orlando.

When  the Benenati Law Firm reached out to me they expressed how many of their clients have expressed how the importance of having portraits of their loved ones was such a gift. Thanks so much for sharing with us the importance of portraits in life!


Portraits Celebrate Life

In a recent article, ​Psychology Today​ noted that “friends and family are the best medicine”. Reviewing literature that included 48 studies that examined more than 300,000 people, the author found that the evidence consistently demonstrated that there are huge physical and psychological benefits for people who have strong social connections.

It is important to celebrate your life. Beyond building those close connections with your friends and family members, you will want to preserve them for many years to come. A great and relatively simple way to create and preserve a life-long memory is through a professional portrait.

Documenting Your Life With Portraits

There are many different important periods of your life that you may want to document with a stunning portrait. A list of some common examples of life events that people want to celebrate with a professional portrait includes:

● The birth of a child​; ● High school or college graduation; ● Holidays and other family gatherings; ● A family vacation; ● A family reunion; and ● Moving for a new job or retirement.







You also want to get a headshot for your resume or professional portfolio. Or you may want to get a periodic ​professional family portrait​ to document and preserve a moment in time, as your children slowly grow into young adults. Ultimately, there is no limit to the way that you can celebrate your life with portraits. Professional portraits can be customized to your unique style or needs.








The Irreplaceable Value of Creating Cherished Memories

Documenting and recording some of the most important moments in your life can produce long lasting psychological benefits. Cherished memories have value that simply cannot be replaced and that cannot be manufactured. You only get one chance to live certain moments in your life. You never know what will happen next and how long we have with our loved ones.

The science is clear: positive memories create long lasting peace and tranquility. According to a recent study published in the ​United States National Library of Medicine​, a simple reminder of a happy memory has the power to bring back the actual feelings associated with the original experience. A professional portrait is a good way to preserve memories for a lifetime.

Why You Should Work With a Professional Portrait Photographer

If you are looking for a portrait to document important events in your life or preserve valuable memories, it is recommended that you work with a professional portrait photographer. Capturing the perfect portrait photo is difficult. There are so many different factors that must be considered, from position to lighting. If you are planning on keeping a portrait for the rest of your life, it is worth getting it done the right way.

If you searching for a ​portrait photographer in Orlando, FL​, look no further than Jen Stevenson Photo. Jen Stevenson is a skilled portrait photographer serving individuals and families throughout Central Florida. She has the skills, patience, and diligence required to capture the very best photos of you and your family.


Fall Holiday Sessions: What Session is Right for Me?

Greetings! So glad you are here with us at our little corner of the web. Today’s post is to help you sort through all of the offerings we at JSP offer through September- December for your holiday portraits. All sessions with us are shot by Jen who has a collection of high end equipment including multiple cameras, lenses and back up programs to get you the very best high quality portraits of your family and to keep your images safe. Our specialty is family and we want that to reflect in every session we shoot, whether it be a simple session, a full session or a holiday card session!


Session Type: Full Session

Length: 60 minutes +

The full session is our elite session which features full customization through location options, wardrobe planning and specialty props planned just for your family. These sessions are generally around an hour but can go over a bit depending on your family and how fast we are working. Kids do best within the hour time frame typically. With our experience, know how and direction we are able to get you a full image gallery with varying images while everyone is happy. The full session allows for us to take our time with your family and really work with them to get the best smiles and portraits. You will receive a full list of location options with the booking of a full session. Plus new this year, we will include a complimentary slideshow with your full session booked!









Session Type: Simple Session

Length: 20 minutes

Simple sessions are shorter than full sessions and are around 20 minutes in length and allow you to get the high quality images without the varying locations and as many poses as the full session offers. Galleries will be smaller but still allow you to have a great choice of images. Simple sessions are offered in set locations and times vs. the full customization option that the full session allows. These are great if you are on a tighter budget or really just want a few updated portraits of the family and are flexible on locations.

I do offer two rounds of simple sessions in the fall. In September we will offer the “Early Bird Sessions” which are an amazing value. With set locations and times in September and you do get the full digital images from all of our early bird sessions, a GREAT VALUE! Such a reward for getting in early and getting your holiday images done. And the bonus, is you get to fully enjoy your fall and not worry about getting on the fall calendar during the busy months.

The second round of simple sessions will come in October, which is in prime time. These will be offered as a special courtesy to our clients who want to do a simple session in October.  The investment will be a bit more than the early bird sessions.










Session Type: Holiday Card Shorties

Length: 10 minutes

Shorties are 10 minute sessions that allow you get that holiday card image that you want! These are in one spot only and focus on just a few poses. If you just want a holiday card image, these may be perfect for you. These sessions are best for children who you know can do poses in just a short time frame.  If you choose your holiday cards through us at JSP you will be offered an extra special pricing package on our cards with these sessions.








*New this year*

Session Type: Studio Holiday Images at the Ronald McDonald House at Nemours

Our studio holiday sessions will be on one day (Dec. 1st) and will will be offering mini style studio sessions. With every session on this day we will give back to the Ronald McDonald House and their families. We will also be hosting families staying in the house for their images as well.  Our set up hasn’t been fully designed yet, but we will have one for a formal studio look and one with a holiday theme.

Sessions will be scheduled in 15 or 30 minute increments depending on the package booked.








If you would like to book your session with us please visit our website a for more information on how to book.

Lake Nona Family Photographer/ The H Family Sneak Peek

It was so wonderful to see this family again this year!  Momma contacted me early in summer and was thinking about booking her next session.   She then entered our contest on Instagram and won a session! I’m so happy for their sweet deserving family. Little R has grown SO much since I saw her last November! I’m glad we were able to capture this special time.

If you are interested in a session with us please visit our website at for more information on how to book.