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Mine on Monday/ Orlando Family Photographer/ Happy Birthday Audrey!

My littlest turned two this Saturday and we celebrated Muppet Style! I’m pretty low key when it comes to birthday celebrations and just want everyone to have fun. This was our first non home birthday. Since we have an Oct. baby we thought the park would be perfect and it was the most beautiful day!

I haven’t gone through the tons of photos, but here are some favorites. Taking a few snaps here and there and trying to hold down the party is not an easy task, but I got what I could for memory’s purpose. : ) Some photos taken by my husband and some by my father in law as well as I am in a few of them. ; ) We might have had too much fun with the face paint. I am now going to practice and get better for next year. ; )  I saved my favorite for last, seriously so funny how Lily was super excited about Audrey’s gift and she’s been playing with it since.  ; )


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