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Orlando Baby Photographer/ 2014 Nursery Contest: Voting!

Here are the top three entries for the nursery contest! Please take a  minute to vote by commenting in the blog on your favorite. We will have a first, second and third place winner so everyone wins! The top however will win a free mini session and print package from us.

Please only vote one time and go like Jen Stevenson Photo on Facebook to get the latest updates on our contest.


Happy Voting and Good luck!!!


Entry #1:  Baby Ian’s Ocean Themed Nursery


Entry #2 Baby Layla’s Beautiful Girly Nursery


Entry #3 Baby Liam’s Jungle Themed Nursery


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Rachel V - I love the Ocean themed nursery!

Jessica Norena - #2 – Layla’s nursery!

Renee McLendon - Layla’s Nursery!!! It’s adorable!!

AL - LOVE the Pink Palace complete with chandelier!…perfect home for Princess Layla!

Alicia Sanders - I vote for Entry #2 Baby Layla’s room! Soooo beautiful and elegant.

Kelly Gregory - Layla’s nursery has my vote for #1!

Heidi B - I love Layla’s nursery.

E.N - I vote for #2, pretty little Layla’s room!

Stephanie N - I vote for #2. Love the colors, chandelier, and the cute baby in the picture! 🙂

Housam Atalah - Entry # baby Layla’s theme is amazing.

Tina - Girly nursery #2 gets my vote! 🙂

Mary Calcia - #2 baby’s Layla’s girly nursery

Bonnie - My vote is for Layla’s nursery…an adorable, well-organized, simplistic surrounding for a baby!

alex calcia - #2 baby Layla 🙂

Amanda - I vote for the jungle nursery! Liam is lucky to have such a huge library!

Deb McConnell - BAby Liam is my favorite
Ocean is the 2nd
Pink one is my 3rd choice

Josh - I like Layla’s room #2. Simplistic and elegant.

Sarah Lostocco - I love Liam’s Jungle Nursery!

janine - I love Liam’s jungle nursery!

Juliette Davidson - Jungle

Sari - Oh, these are great! Hard to choose but I think my favorite is the pink/grey nursery!

Niki - I love Liam’s jungle nursery!

Donna - Liam’s Jungle is my favorite

Aimee Carey - The jungle nursery! Loooove the wall of books!

Pri - Layla’s princess room!

Amy - #1, the ocean theme, it is slaying me. LOVE it.

caitlin - i’m voting for liam’s jungle themed nursery!

Rebecca - #2 Layla!

Kelsey - #2 I love baby Layla’s nursery!

Tiffany Grace-Buzanowski - Totally love the jungle nursery! Liam is going to be a great reader!

Sarah Thomas - Liam’s jungle room!

Nikki B - Baby Liam all the way!!!!

Sarah - #3 Liam’s Jungle Nursery

Natalie - I am voting for #3 Liam’s Jungle theme!! It is wonderful all those books are fantastic!!

Martina - Layla’s nursery!!!

heather - i vote for baby Liams jungle nursery!

alyssa - Liam’s jungle nursery!

Kelley - Jungle has my vote 🙂

Steven - #2 is so pretty!!!

Alisa - I vote for Liam’s jungle themed nursery. So cute!

Jacquelyn - Love the Jungle! Liam’s one lucky little guy. Love all the books!

Jen - #2 Layla’s nursery. Beautiful!

Andrew - Love the jungle theme!!

karyn - I vote for baby liam!!! Love the jungle room 🙂

shawna wallace - I vote for liams jungle themed nursery!

Fearon - Welcome to the Jungle! I vote #3, Liam’s jungle.

Tanja - Love baby Liam’s room!!!

Julie - Liam’s jungle is too cute.

mary - #1 love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie craver - Liam’s jungle!!!!!

hala - I vote for layla’s room #2 very pretty

Teresa Knox - I vote for the ocean room!

Caryn - Layla’s is just perfect.

Iris Pardo - I vote for #3 Liam’s Jungle Nursery

Sandra - Love #2!! So chic and sweet!!

Lesia Griswold - I vote for #3.
Love all the books

Melissa - All three are beautiful!! Love #2 Baby Layla nursery best!

Ashley - I’m voting for Liam’s Jungle Themed Nursery! It’s wild and fun!!

Wendy - Definitely #1!!

Lee Magness - #3, Liam’s jungle nursery!

Marie - Oh my god. I love #1

Cris - liam’s jungle nursery:)

Joanne - Layla’s is my favorite. Every lil princess needs a chandelier!

Taryn F. - #1

Jennifer Gassaway - Liam’s jungle is the best! Love the books!

trixie rogers - The girly pink ~ layla

Melissa - #2 Layla 🙂 adorable

LeighAnn - I love Liam’s jungle themed nursery.

Gail - i love the ocean nursery – #1!! brilliant design. 🙂

Lori - I vote for the Ocean room

christina mcgowan - I LOVE the ocean themed nursery!!!

Debbie - I like the ocean themed nursery!

Christine - Ian’s ocean room shows the most imagination. All rooms are nice, but Ian’s room completely stands out! #1 all the way!!

Jennifer - Wow, love all 3! That ocean themed room is just awesome though!

Kelly - #1 for sure. Would make fir some amazing photos! !

connie hudson - Ian’s underwater world is original and beautiful. my vote!

Marsha Stokes - Liam’s Jungle Themed Nursery is my favorite!

Diane Dunbrack - I vote for Liam’s jungle theme nursery… I love all the books!!

Shannon - I vote for the jungle theme nursery! Love the book shelves!

Leah - Nursery #2 Baby Layla’s!!

tiff - Liams jungle nursery! Love those shelves!

Kathy - #1 Baby Ians Ocean Theme

Summer Aiello - My vote is for is for the ocean themed nursery!!

Maria - The Jungle one gets my vote

Amanda Jones - Liam’s jungle!

Priscilla - Love the Jungle theme.

Meriam - #2 ….. Loved Layla’s nursery <3333

amber - Love layla’s pretty pink room!

Don - I vote #3 (Liam’s Jungle)

Scott Mc - #3…Liam for sure. Who wouldn’t want a jungle for a room 🙂

Shelley Nelson - I’m voting for #3 Liam’s Jungle Room.

Tracey - #2 – Layla’s nursery. All are awesome, though!

Therese Ferguson - The jungle theme is my favorite. What fun for a little boy.

Carol Manasco - #1

Stacey hencken - Ocean room love it big time

Richard Nelson - I’m voting for #3 jungle room

Jenn - Liam jungle nursery is the best!!

V - Liam’s Jungle Nursery! What a fun display of his library!

Bente - I LOVE the Ocean Themed Nursery…so imaginative!!!

Kelly Gorney - Love Layla’s! That’s my vote!

Barbie girl - Love baby Layla’s nursery! #2 Very Cute, simple and girly love the pink and white

Kim - #1 Ocean!

Leigh - I love the ocean nursery! Hands down!

Julie d - I vote for Layla’s room, it is very classic and elegant!

Jaidean - Super cute nurseries! My vote is for #2!

Cathy - Liam’s Jungle Nursery has my vote!

Jorge - Baby Layla by far is the best. The others are nice , but Layla’s stands out above the rest. Classy and not over done.

Katie - I love the Ocean theme.

Tammy - Baby Layla’s Beautiful Girly Nursery!

Elaine Ryals - I love Liam’s jungle room. It’s perfect for either a boy or girl.

Amy - I vote for baby Layla’s pink nursery 🙂

Mojca - Layla #2. Love it!!!

kristina - Love #3, liams jungle!

Erin - I love Liam’s jungle nursery. He’s clearly going to be a reader!

Kelly - Voting for Liam’s Jungle Theme Nursery!

Sarah Ochs - Liam’s jungle #3!

Summer - Jungle themed one!

Baby Lover - Layla’s is the best.

marcela - I love Laylas,my vote goes for Layla s nursery!!!

Sandra - #1 Ians room is amazing

gini - #2.

Heather - Ian’s ocean!

Veronica - baby Liam’s room <3!!

Nicole - I vote for Liam’s Jungle Nursery!!!! 😉

brittany - I Love Liam’s jungle room! #3!!

Shana - #1 gets my vote

Claire - My vote is for Entry #1: Baby Ian’s Ocean Themed Nursery. Great room! 🙂

Claire - My vote is for Entry #3 Baby Liam’s Jungle Themed Nursery. 🙂

Claire - My vote is for #3 – the jungle room! 🙂

Amanda W - We vote for Liam’s Nursery. I love those book shelves!

Lori - I vote for #1~ What a fun bedroom for a little one!

KC - Liam’s jungle room!!!!

Mark - Liam’s jungle room!!! #3

Elaine - “Pretty in Pink” …I vote for #2 Layla’s nursery.

Lindsey Johnson - Ocean for sure! Hands down!

Reba - Love #3!

Beth - #2 – Baby Layla’s nursery! Just beautiful.

Misty McDuffie - #3

Shirley - I loved the ocean themed room (#1)

Alicia - #1. Love the ocean theme.

Vanessa - #3- Jungle + books = win.

Sarah - Number 1!!!! It is amazing, I love it!!

alyssa - Love Liam’s Jungle nursery!

Annie wertz - Ian’s ocean is the best!!!

Rosy macias - I love the ocean theme one. very different from anything I have seen before

Kylie D - Ian’s ocean themed nursery gets my vote – wow, fun, hope blue is a tranquil color 😀

sally stout - love it

Francy - I vote for #2

Lilah - Layla’s nursery! #2

Devan - I love the ocean theme 🙂

Cindy - Voting for #3 Liam’s Jungle nursery !

Angie - I’m voting Liam’s jungle room!!! What a great idea with the books and the one-of-a-kind hand painted jungle animals are so inviting. Love it! Lucky little Liam.

dj - definitely the ocean themed one! love the lanterns mimicking bubbles, very clever.

Yvette EnglishYvette - Definitely Ian’s Ocean Room.

Brenda Nutt - I vote for #3, Liams jungle room!

Razan - I vote for beauryful Layla #2

Sophie Sherman - Defo #1, very intricate!

Meg D - #1 ocean theme is AMAZING!

Susan Hendrickson - Liam’s Jungle Nursery gets my vote.

Dawn - Liam’s Jungle Nursery gets my vote!

Tiffany - My vote is for Layla’s nursery!

Rachel - Ian’s ocean nursery!!!!!

Gn - Layla’s nursery

Jean - I voted for Entry #3 Baby Liam’s Jungle Themed Nursery

Heather - I vote for #1 Ocean

Cristina - I vote for #2, Baby Layla

Sam - #2

Kristen Duran - I vote for #1!!

Julie - #1 baby Ian’s ocean themed room by far!

Amy - I vote for Liam, love all the books!

Donna B. - #1 I LOVE the ocean theme. The detail is amazing, all the way down to the pom poms above the crib.

Kelly - #1 is absolutely STUNNING!!! I wish my room looked like that! What a lucky boy…and a talented mama!

valerie - #1 is the best by far

Rebecca - My vote is for #1 (ocean)

Laura - #1 Ocean Nursery!

Alissa - #1 gets my vote!! The ocean theme 🙂

LaVonne - I vote #1! Nursery is amazing

Tina M - #2 baby Layla’s nursery is simple and elegant.

Ty Smith - #2 Baby Layla’s is the best. No doubt about it.

Shawna - I vote for #1, ocean theme. Definitely looks like more effort was put into the design and execution. All are cute though!

Samamtha Smith - Ocean #1 is the best!

Molly - #1 ocean theme is soooo cute! Great idea I might need to steal it 🙂

LMAC - I vote for entry #1 !
Love the ocean theme!!

Libby Montgomery - I vote for #1 Ocean themed bedroom!!

Ashley - I love number 1!! Ian’s Ocean!

lindsey - Love the book wall, but the ocean room tops the cake! #1 all of the way!

Leya - I vote #1! Look at all those amazing hand painted sea creatures!

Alyssa M - Definitely Layla’s! Nursery #2 🙂

Chelsea - #1 ocean

Ghoson Bedrossian - Baby Layla #2!

Josephine Dalal - #2 Layla’s

KB - Layla #2!!

Alysia - Love the elegance of #2!

Allena - #2 Baby Layla’s Beautiful Girly Nursery

Sean - Layla #2 is my vote!!!

Diane - #2 Layla! <3

Ross - #2!

Pier Lefebvre - I vote for Baby Layla!!! Love the pink and ruffles!!

Melony - #2 Layla

Najoom Hussain - I vote for entry #2 Baby Layla’s Beautiful Girly Nursery.

Mike - #2Layla…so fabulous and elegant!

Doug w. - I love the simplicity of #2 room. I want that for my upcoming baby!
I vote #2

Josh S. - Number 2 is beautiful!

Edward No. - I like the different choices each room took but I’m leaning to Baby Nursery #2. The color scheme is nice.
My vote is #2. Good luck all!

joe m. - I love #2!!!

Haval - Definitely voting for “Entry #2 Baby Layla’s Beautiful Girly Nursery”, nice job!

Taylor S - #2

Nicole - #2 Baby Layla

Luis Rivera - #2 – Layla’s room! 🙂

Asada - #2

Alejandra Rubio - Layla #2, I love it! 🙂

Nancy Hahn Bono - What little girl would not want Room #2. Beautiful colors and design.

Kirsten - #2 Layla

Rachel Krausmann - #2 Layla’s pink room! Love it!

Stephanie Couch - The ocean themed room has my vote!

Danielle - I vote for #3 🙂

Nicole - Liam’s…a jungle and books, does it get any better!?

Linda - #3! I LOVE all the books. Such a practical and imaginative use of space

Amanda Millan - #3 is awesome! Loans jungle!

colleen - # 1 Ian’s ocean blue is awesome. Love it!

Lina Rubio - Layla #2 Beautiful!

Rose - I vote for Room #2 baby Layla. It is beautifully decorated and pleasing to the eye.

Kaen Mings - Love Ian’s Ocean Room!

Kaylyn - love baby Ian’s ocean nursery! #1 or sure 🙂

Germán Hincapié - Layla #2

Nichole - #2 Layla’s room!

abby - Liam’s Jungle Nursery! Also love all the books that line his walls!

Tanya - Baby Ian’s nursery is adorable! I vote for #1!!!

Sharon - Love them all, but Liam’s Jungle theme with all the books is the best! Read, read, read baby!

Hena - Liam’s Jungle Nursery!

John k. - #2

Jenny - #2 fit for a princess

Mauricio Rubio - Layla #2

Lucy Whitehorne - Love the ocean theme of Ian’s room (it must be the Pisces in me). The art work is fantastic.

vicki - Voting for JUNGLE NURSERY,It’s entry #3!

Traci - #2 gets my vote

Nancy Ware - Love the jungle theme and all those wonderful books for the baby.

Erin - #2, Layla’s room! How simple yet beautiful! Love it!

Nancy - Vote of nursery #1 – Ian’s Ocean Themed Nursery

Janet Bryson - Love Liam’s room. The art work is awesome.

joanna - I am voting for Liam’s jungle theme

A - #1 Ocean Nursery

Jennifer Strange - Ocean nursery – Liam

Lorraine Armstrong - I vote for the ocean theme because it reminds me of AJ’s bedroom (we put a mural wallpaper in there).

Jess S - Baby Layla 2!!

Laura Pickering - I vote #3. I would have loved Liam’s nursery as a child!!

Carol C - Baby Layla’s – All of that pink is just too adorable.

Kathy - Layala #2..adorable!!

Reginald - Dude, the ocean theme.

Corrie D. - Definitely the ocean theme.

Laurie F. - #1 is so cool!

Susan W - Love number 1. What a lucky kid!

Matt B. - #2 Layla’s Room.

Ayda Alasvandian - Voting for baby Layla’s room – #2


Lynda Christie - #3 jungle theme rocks

Jennifer - I vote for # 1 Baby Ian’s Ocean Themed Nursery.

Melissa - Baby Ian’s ocean room

Gina S - Hands down, Ian’s is gorgeous!! Love to have a room like that to go to sleep in….

amanda - Number 1…so cute

Pamella - Ian’s room is the best everrrr!!!!! Lovit ❤️❤️❤️

Joni - Liam’s Jungle Nursery!

Karen - Love #1 for sure.

Mary Ann Winter - I vote for # 3

Amy - I love Entry #1, Baby Ian’s Ocean Suite 🙂

Kim-burr - I don’t know how Layla’s mommy keeps it that neat and pretty, but I vote for hers.

Angeles Gallardo - #1 of course. Love Ian’s Ocean Theme!

Leanne - Love the Jungle theme… That one has my vote

Christy - They are all adorable, but I love #2!

Jossie - Entry # 3!! Liam’s nursery is adorable!

jw - I vote for #3, Jungle Room

Becca Diberardino - I vote for the jungle nursery 🙂

Robin Berry - Layla!!!!!!

Therese - I love the jungle theme. Such a fun room.

Denise - #2, Layla’s beautiful nursery! It’s gorgeous, I love the mini birdcage accent, the frames, and the petal-looking rug. What a great room!

Ivana - # 2 Leyla’s nursery!!!

Jessica - My vote is for #3 the jungle theme.

Lydia - #3, Liam’s nursery. So fun and colorful and I love that wall of books!

Morgan - Liam’s jungle room! What a great room for a little boy to grow up in!

Angie - # 3 Jungle nursery!!

Dana Januszka - Liam’s JUNGLE nursery! The animals are ADORABLE!!!!! And all those books!!! As a teacher, I’m in heaven!!! Good luck!

Pattie - #3 – the jungle room! But they’re all beautiful though.

melanie - Liam #3

Leigh Ainsworth - #3 Jungle theme!!!!

Steph S - #3 jungle room!

Debi Erbes - #3 the jungle room!!

Patricia OKussick - Love Liam’s jungle.

Karen - Liams jungle!

Susan - Baby Liam’s Jungle is my #1!!! #2 Layla’s pink room then Ian’s ocean 🙂

heidi - I vote for #3; the jungle theme and the details are just wonderful; plus ALL THE BOOKS!

Danette - Liam’s jungle nursery!!!

Donna - Love little Liam’s room. Jungle theme is perfect for little boys!

wilma - #3 is too cute for boy or girl. I vote 3.

Heather - I vote for #3 Liams Jungle room!

karen young - A vote for #3.

Cheri - Love all but #3 is my fav

Maggie - The jungle theme is sooo cute!!!!

Sue t - I vote for #3

beth - #3 is awesome!

Lola - my vote is for #3 the jungle room.

Maggie stewart - I vote for the jungle theme! The books are great and as Liam grows so will his imagination with all the animals on the wall.

jessica - Liam’s Jungle!! Too cute!

Jan - Love Liam’s jungle. As a teacher I love the bookshelves with all the books but I love all the jungle. Great job.

Jamie - #3 The jungle nursery

Michelle Simpson - My vote is #3. I love the jungle room. I think ever child should have that many books to read.

jessie koskela - #3 Love the jungle theme 🙂

Megan Calhoun - #3 I love the jungle theme!

sam - #3
Liam’s is great.

Jennifer Parker - I definitely vote for #3, Liam’s nursery. Love everything about it–especially the book shelves. The jungle theme is a nice change from traditional pink or blue. Sure to stimulate baby Liam’s visual senses for years to come.

Jenelle W. - I love the jungle animals! (Liam)

Sue B - love Liam #3

Judy - I vote for Liam’s Jungle Room #3

Melissa L. - I like the jungle room the best; love, love, love the book wall!

Sue D - My vote goes to #3 Liam’s Jungle Theme. Love it!

Taraysa Lockwood - I vote #3! Liam’s jungle themed:)

R foley - # 3 – love those animals!

Caren Long - I love Liam’s Jungle Nursery! #3

Joni R - #3 Liam’s jungle nursery

Pamela - #3-The Jungle Room
Love the mural behind the crib! So fun and will grow up with the little guy too!

Bethany - I vote #3

Manuela - I vote for #3, jungle nursery. Out of all three it seems the most “real” one. Congrats!!

Nizza - I like #3 Liam’s jungle theme. Very nicely done.

Renee - I vote for number 3. Love the Jungle theme

Amy - #3!

Amy p - Liam’s Jungle Theme!

Lauren - Love #3, Liam’s nursery!

Andrea Asher - I vote for Liam’s JUNGLE Nursery !!

megan - Liam’s jungle nursery is my favorite!

Tammy Paul - #3 Jungle Theme

Peggy - #3 jungle theme that’s my picj

Angie - Most definitely the third entry, jungle theme! That’s just too awesome!

Sharon Harrison - #3 Jungle room by far the winner as a child’s room

Becky - I like #3. Liam’s Jungle nursery. I love all the books!

Linda - I vote for Baby Liam’s nursery. Perfect for a sweet little boy!

Theresa C - Wow, they all look nice but I love #3 the best

Ryan - #3 Liam’s jungle! So cool!

Sara - #3…Liam’s Jungle Room..So Cute!

Jennifer Steelman - I cast my vote for no. 3.

Patti - I love the Jungle Theme nursery!

Frances P - Number 3, love the jungle nursery!

Christy A. - Entry #3

Howard Parker - I vote #3.

Leah Crowe - Absolutely LOVE the jungle nursery, my vote is for #3.

Traci - #3 Liam’s jungle!

Sue - Baby Liam’s Jungle….love it!!

Lucy Red - Love the Jungle Nursery!!

Debbie - Liams jungle theme is my vote…thanks for sharing

Maggie - I vote for #3, Liam’s jungle room!

Alana Harris - #3 jungle

Sarah p - Liam’s jungle is my favorite

Brian Ferguson - Jungle Room!

Rhonda Dickinson - Baby Ian’s Ocean Themed Nursery is incredible.

Martha Hammond - I vote for Liam’s nursery

Tylynn Gardner - #3

Kaycee - Love #3 the jungle themed room !!

Jinny - Liam’s room gets my vote!

becca - #3 jungle theme

Andrea - #3 the jungle!!

Deanne - 3 has my vote…jungle with Liam! So cute

Pamela - I vote for #3 Liam’s Jungle themed nursery. Love the set up for the books and the matching curtains and rocker. Very cute! Good luck!

Karen - #3 jungle theme

Kristi - LOVE the jungle theme room–that is darling! It would be great for girls OR boys and that’s not always easy to find. So very creative!

Belinda - Ocean Nursery all the way!

Debbie Davis - Number 3 is awesome !

Lisa - I love the jungle theme nursery. Having the books so easily accessible as Liam grows is a terrific idea and the colors in the room are great!

Jacqueline Rubal - #3 Liam’s jungle theme nursery is awesome! What a fun room!

Michele Fuller - I vote for #3… love the jungle animals.

Lori - #3 is giving me ideas, love this!

Heather - #3

Cindy M. - Love Entry #3, Liam’s Jungle nursery!!! So cute!

Deanna - Baby Liam. Love the jungle theme, and the mural is adorable.

Mickey Jackson Moschitto - #3 I love the jungle theme. It is awesome.

Cathy S in PA - The jungle nursery (#3) is my favorite!

Pat Roberson - I vote for Liams Jungle Room!

Maggie - I vote for #3 Liam’s nursery. Love the jungle!

Melissa - I just <3 entry number 3 🙂 Love Liam's book wall.

Regina Brents - #3 is the best choice for me

Tracy - Entry #3 Baby Liam’s Jungle Themed Nursery

Naomi Drake - #3 – Love the Jungle Theme!

Amita - Love the ocean nursery!

Bette - #3 Liams Nursery – Adorable!

Jeanne - I like #3! The jungle is adorable! The cute kid peeking out of the crib is the icing on the cake. lol! The shelves will be really handy as he grows!! Fun, fun!

JJ - #3 the Jungle Room

sue sunday - #3 all the way

Jeannie Rhoads-Ashley - definitely the jungle theme for baby Liam!! What a fun room to grow up in!!

Cecilia - I vote for #3… the jungle nursery is way too cute…. love the book shelves!

Jess - JUNGLE TIME! #3!

Renee Robertson - Baby Liam’s is soooo cute! He’s got my vote;)

AWB - love the jungle theme.The books and book shelves are fantastic.

Cindi Revelle - #3, love the animals and books

Trish Hoapili - #3 Liam’s jungle theme is SOOOO cute! Love all the books – you just want to stay there!

Camie Mann - I vote for #3 – Love Liam’s Jungle Nursery! Not over the top or lacking a thing…it’s perfect!

Lisa Crane - #3 Liams Jungle theme is awesome and my favorite by far =)

Connie Gerbig - Voting for #3 jungle theme. So colorful.

Henriettr - I vote for the jungle room. Very cute!

NANCY - Love #3…Jungle Theme! It’s adorable!

Cindy Lou - #3 Jungle Book Room

Christie McClain - Vote is for #3 Jungle nursery! Very cute!

Debbie Mays - I love #3 Jungle Room

Michele Hayashi - #3 The Jungle room is cute!

Cindy - I love Baby Liam #3 jungle room

Debby P. - I vote for #3 the Jungle theme nursery. Those animals are too cute.

Tonya Barnett - I love #3. Such a fun little boy’s room.

Aggie - #3 – the books and shelves are wonderful – as is the whole design!

Lynn - Loving the jungle!

Donna Redd - Love the jungle theme for Liam’s room!

Djh - #3. Jungle room

Michelle M - I Love #3!

Shelby - They’re all beautiful- my vote is for the girly nursery!

Andrea - #3 jungle!!

Sara - Love the Jungle themed one. Love the monkeys.

Jean - Entry # 3!! Liam’s nursery is adorable!

Diana Turk - Love entry number one! Nice job Wendy.

Cami Dunham - #3 love it!

Samm - #3! I love the jungle theme!

Rebekah G - They are all really well done, but my vote goes to Liam’s nursery.

Ann Ledgerwood - Really like No 3 Jungle Theme around the cot!

Amanda - Love #3!! What a lucky little guy Liam is!!

Karen - Entry #3. I love the jungle nursery-
especially with all the books!!

Cathy - #2 Layla’s nursery! So simply chic!

Judy Pye - I like the jungle themed room best

Lauren - Liam’s #3

Heather - #3 Jungle

LIsa Fangman - #3 Liam’s jungle theme — the books are especially awesome!!!

Jen - #3!

Hope - I vote for Liam’s JUNGLE nursery

Amy K. - #3–love the Jungle theme!

patricia valentini - The jungle nursery! So much work and love must have gone into that.

Rena Jensen - #3 the jungle! So cute and baby can grow with that for years to come!

Kim - I vote for #3… Baby Liam’s jungle nursery!! So cute!!

KG - Layla #2 has my vote!! Beautifully done!!

erin - I love #3 the Jungle Room! Very awesome and adorable!!

Brianne - #1

Laurie W - A vote for #3 please, really sweet!

Pamela Aguilar - I like the Jungle theme in room #3.

Kristie - #3 – The Jungle Room!

Lesley Cotter - Jungle all the way x

Phoebe Vercoe - I love the jungle theme. So #3 got my vote. It would. Work for either a boy or girls room.

Steph R - #3 Jungle room!

Jess BT - Layla’s #2 for sure!

Laura - Jungle theme is awesome!

Joey - Layla

Blaire Lynch - I vote for Liam!

Larry - #3 jungle room is bad ass. Looks like someone put a lot of hard work into that room.

Kris - #3. I love books and that cute little baby in the pictures!

Eric Hazelton - Vote is for number 2

alicia h - Laylas #2 is beautiful!

Tai Bender - Voting for the sweet jungle nursery!

Ellie - Layla’s room, number 2, is great!

Meagan R - I vote for baby Liam’s Jungle nursery. What an awesome library he has!!!

Jeanette - Love the undersea nursery. Blue is such a calming effect for a baby and it’s so beautifully done.

jeanette - Love the undersea nursery.

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