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Orlando Birth Photographer/ Baby Isla’s Journey

There are few things in life when someone asks you to be a part of that are as special as being in the room during the birth of a child. When my friend and local photographer Rachel asked me to be a part of this day for her family my immediate response was yes of course, I hope I make it! Three years ago when birth photography wasn’t very popular I really wanted to do this type of photography but realized with scheduling and two small children that the logistics just might not work.  It was ok…  other things were in store for my business and I believe that is how it was meant to be.  My heart is in families and that’s where I have taken my specialty. Being there for my friend during the birth of her first child was absolutely a highlight of my  career, and did I mention that Rachel did this natural, yes completely natural…she might just be superwoman!

It was perfect. I would absolutely love to offer this to my current client families who are expecting as I believe having that relationship is so important in birth photography. It’s such an intimate part of your family, your lives and tells an absolutely amazing story of how your little one came into the world. Can you imagine sharing these with your baby one day and telling them in detail how they came into the world?

On a personal note, I wish I had done this myself and had these memories of my babies captured. It’s not about looking perfect (though Rachel looked fab!) it’s about documentation and remembering life and telling your story to the world. Isla’s story will be told in many many images, it’s nice that we have her first minute captured beautifully and showing the emotion of how her parents felt on her special birthday, the day her family became a family of three.

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Rachel V - Oh Jen! I am crying as I look at these! Being able to look back at this experience in such beautifully captured images, I will be forever grateful!

Bumby G - Oh I’m balling like a baby. I’m so thrilled for you two.

Nancy - Incredible photos. So wonderful to see Stephen, Rachel and Isla in these precious moments they’ve shared with us. Thank you for capturing these memories for us all.

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