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Orlando Children’s Photographer/ Mine on Monday/ Painting Party!

Last week I took the girls outside for some painting (first time where the baby was not in her high chair!) and boy was it messy…I mean fun. ; ) They actually did really great. Lily is a real artist (sometimes she reminds me so much of myself). The other day she told me she wanted to be just like Monet.  But her subject of choice lately when we paint is either flowers or Rapunzel. Audrey just loved being a part of it and wanted to paint a few other things as well and might have gotten some paint on herself, her shoes and anything else that was not the paper. Thank goodness for washable paints! I grabbed my camera quickly for a few quick snapshots.


And a fun side note, the paint palette they are using is one of my old paint palettes from college. : )

Tami Wilson - So cute Jen!! I love this series. What a super fun idea!

JenStevenson - Thanks so much Tami! : )

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