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Orlando Children’s Photographer/ Valentine Sweetie

Happy Valentine’s Day! For today I only had one sweet girl that I could even think of posting for today, it’s little Ella. You might remember I did little Ella’s first birthday photos just a few months ago. You can read Ella’s story here. She is now in remission and many many people continue to pray for her daily! Keep them coming she can still use many prayers of continued health. She is one of the happiest one year olds I have ever met, always smiling and ready to discover something new. She’s very interested in walking right now while holding Mommy’s hands. She is simply amazing and I have no doubt that the next time I see her she will be running and I will have to keep up with her to take her photo. I am so honored to photograph this little valentine sweetie. Ella is so full of love, is a gift and a blessing to all that meet her.


Lindsey - Aw so precious. And she’s wearing the red hat 🙂

JenStevenson - Yay!!! Love it, thanks : )

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