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Orlando Couples Photographer/ Heather and Greg Engaged!!! Sneak Peek

This session was a very special session to me as I’ve known these two for many years now.  Heather is my sister in law who was my friend first and introduced  me to Dan (and always told me her brother was perfect for me)  and was also my Maid of Honor in our Orlando wedding back in 2007.

Greg is already family and has been a part of our lives for almost as long and was a guest at our wedding.  These two were not a couple back then, but we (by we I mean me and a few others I know out there) have been rooting for this union for quite some time. Maybe me a little more heavily possibly.  At last, they were a couple!  We  celebrated Heather’s birthday this year in Las Vegas and they got engaged!!!! Our whole family is involved in this beautiful couple’s wedding  that will take place right here in Orlando. I’m so honored to be the Matron of Honor for these two love birds.

So see…listen to your friends and family if they say you would be great together! 😉

Here’s just a few from our recent session.


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