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Orlando Family Photographer/ Fun Family of Four at the Fair!

I met up with this super fun family of four at the fair back in March for a session of a different tune. This was a lifestyle session where I followed the family around, posed  a bit but mostly captured the family’s interactions with each other as they had fun being a family. : ) Momma is a local photographer and of course like all of us needed to be in some images with her kids and husband for a change. I give her points for wearing those heels at the fair! Don’t worry though she had an extra pair of shoes with her.  : )  I cannot wait until fair season again in Florida and hope to do more of these next year!

Tracey Southerland - Love every single thing about this shoot!! Beautiful work & gorgeous family.

JenStevenson - Thanks so much Tracey! The family is gorgeous, Mom is a local photographer and should apparently be a stylist too. ; )

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