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Orlando Family Photographer/ Mine/ Happy 4th of July!

Well every year I take holiday photos of my kids since the actual day of is always crazy busy with family and fun (and I do get snapshots of those as well) But I like some images of them in their holiday attire so I made a point to take my girls out this morning and get a few. As always, photographing my own children can be extremely difficult. They get distracted, the baby runs away and is probably at the “toughest” age for photos right now, I have no one else to chase besides me (when I do this during the week!) and then I have to run back, adjust settings and snap a shot. Needless to say I was sweating and ready for a nap after this and it was only 9:30am! hah!

The last few shots are simply snapshots, but as always photos I will cherish because they are my cuties growing up and time is precious, they are growing faster and faster it seems each day.


From all of us at JSP we wish you a Happy 4th of July and hope you are enjoying it with your loved ones!

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