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Orlando Family Photographer/ Mine on Monday/ Ten on Ten Ballet Style

I will be taking part in a ten on ten blog every month. Last month I photographed and never blogged because I got swamped, however this time I decided to use an event only and not ten hours straight in one day like I tried last month! The idea behind these blogs is to document life as is, unscripted, lifestyle images as our day unfolds…. and not just on instagram.  😉

This month I photographed my girls at rehearsal the week of their BIG first recital.


Practicing in the hallway…

The sister tackle…a regular happening in our household!

Sweet friends playing


I shot and processed this imaged slightly different than normal. I wanted Lily a tad darker with the light coming from behind. There’s lots of grit and grain in this image, but I would have it no other way. I just love it, her pose, her seriousness, the fact that little sis is hiding in the blinds behind her. <3 Don’t be afraid to try or post new things. This image to me showcases the little performance artist that she is turning out to be.


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