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Orlando Family Photographer/ Mine on Monday/ Puppy Love!

So on this rainy Monday, I realized that I don’t think our family pup has ever made the business blog.  So meet Casey, our six year old rescued pup. We love her and she is a special member of our family! If you are interested in Pet Rescue I highly recommend A Better Life Pet Rescue if you are thinking of adopting a pet or perhaps you would like to help foster pets until they find their lifetime home, there are so many great ways to help out these sweet animals. This is where we found our sweet pup. Her Mom was found on a nearby field pregnant and Casey was one of the cute puppies (the cutest in my own humble opinion). I would have taken them all if I could.  I can assure you that Casey is the sweetest most gentle dog ever, especially with our kids. Those teeth she is showing you is just her smile for the camera. : )  Our kids could not lover her more.


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