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Orlando Portrait Photographer/ Professional Development/ Imaging USA 2013

A couple of weeks ago many of you know I was out of the office for the Professional Photographer’s Association annual Imaging Convention. This was my first trip to Imaging though I have been a member of PPA for over two years. I was excited to finally get a chance to go, learn with fellow photographers and to see the best new offerings out there for portrait photographers!

I attended many classes during my three days in Atlanta, my favorite classes included:

The Art and Emotion of Newborn Portraiture taught by Julia Radlick, there were some great little tidbits and a bit of new info for me. She was a high energy speaker, very fun to listen to and had great ideas.

Photographing Children: Mastering the Connection taught by Audrey Woulard (this was hands down my favorite class, I feel Audrey breaks the rules a bit on what everyone tells you you have to do to be a successful family photographer. I can relate to her on so many levels and was so surprised by so many things that she said that I often say to myself and to my photographer friends. Her photography is beautiful and she is of course a fellow Nikon girl that shoots with prime lenses. I didn’t know Audrey’s work until I attended this conference but I’m so glad I chose to walk into her class I know it’s ok to make your rules and be yourself.

I also enjoyed a Sales and Marketing class taught by Lori Nordstrom.

For those of you thinking about attending Imaging in the future I would highly recommend the Hash It Out sessions which are very informal discussions which you can brainstorm with fellow photographers about what’s happening in your business and your photography. I didn’t attend one of these until the last day because they were always the same times as the classes, however I’m glad I got to attend one it was great listening to other photographers and how they handle certain things in their business on an everyday basis.

No matter what your profession is I believe professional development is a huge part of making yourself the best and how to stand out from the crowd. As a former educator this was something that was engrained in myself and I do continue to take this with me and to take opportunities for education and development so I can improve what we do here with our art and to best serve you, our amazing and lovely clients!

Now of course like any trip, we had a little fun as well. I roadtripped to Atlanta with three other fabulous Central Florida photographers, Kristin of Ella Lu Photography, Sari of Sari Underwood Photography and Kristen of Kristen Wynn Photography. All fabulous photographers, business ladies and great friends. After this weekend I would even consider them some of my best friends. We also met lots of other photographer friends and met up with some of the  Tampa girls as well!

Group images, image of myself and Kristen, and sunrise photographed by my photographer bestie Kristen Wynn of Kristen Wynn Photography. If you live in the PA area, she is relocating there soon (sniff sniff) but check her out, she is an amazing photographer and all around person!


Most of my own images were taken via Instagram and until I figure out how to get them on my computer (yes, I am new to it and the iphone) I had to borrow some images, plus these are just better than my IG pics! : )


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