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What you Get, Before and After {Orlando Child Photographer}

I normally don’t do “before and after” posts, but recently I have seen the value in them so I’m going to share one of my own. There are so many choices when it comes to photography nowdays, whether it be a mom who takes pictures down the street, a big box studio, someone you found online who claims to “edit” the entire session and give you the disc of everything (sounds like a great deal, huh?) Out of those 75%-80% of those are probably out of focus and someone has their eyes closed or is lacking in composition. Or there’s the professional… there are many reasons why a pro is worth the investment for your family memories.

When you hire a pro photographer you should be hiring someone who is taking a great in focus photo with good composition out of the camera. They should also know how to shoot in manual with their camera. Here, I’ve attached my SOOC (straight out of the camera shot). I often show a shot or two to clients at the session because I’m not ashamed and want to give them a little sneak sometimes! ; )

This particular image was taken when it was gloomy and raining out! I used my light meter and purposely underexposed the image slightly so I did not blow the photo out too much in the light areas.  Many times I see photographers trying to make this blown highlight look ”artistic”. Think of a bridal photo. Have you seen an image of a bride whose dress lost the beautiful intricate details in the image? That’s a blown out photo and it’s not good.

As a Mom of two little girls I know it can be difficult to get hair to look great in photos, get your toddler to smile and look at the camera all at the same time. Getting all three can be like winning the lottery sometimes! My daughter Lily has very curly hair and it is usually going everywhere and to be honest since she is mine I don’t fix it too much in post processing because I like her natural childlike look. Part of being a kid is being a little wild, right? However, when I took this particular photo of Miss Kiley and Mom ordered the image I knew I would want to clean it up a bit for her, so I smoothed her hair a bit and took the hair off of her mouth and face. You can see in the “after” how a skilled retoucher can easily remove it, letting you see your whole child’s face.

For the final product I did my normal post processing, along with cleaning up some hairs. What a difference! When your hire me and I deliver your gallery of edited images to you, they will be lightly edited. Will I clean up hairs in all of the photos in the gallery? No, but I will clean up any image that you order for any product or print order so you will look your best. After all, your friends and family will see you on your walls and you want to be looking your best for them. ; )

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