Orlando Family Photographer/ End of the Year: Favorite 2012 Moments Captured

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me knows I’m a moment girl. I adore photography, art, portraiture and LOVE moments. My favorite images of my own family are always lifestyle images where we are caught in a moment. This is what hangs around my house for the most part. They are my favorite and I think tell the story of our family best. Although they are NOT always perfect technically I just love them. This year I have chosen to do a “Favorite Moments” blog to share some of my favorite moments captured this year.

Please note that this is NOT a best of, this is simply moments that I love the story behind the shot, I have WAY more that I love and I am SO thankful for each and every client that has supported us over the past year. We value you so much and cannot thank you enough for choosing JSP for your fine art portraiture! Just because your photo is not featured does not mean I do not LOVE and adore your pictures. I put 200% into my photography, it’s my career but it’s also my art, my passion.


Thank you for choosing JSP in 2012, I hope we see each one of you again in 2013 and I look forward to the many new families that will invite us into your home, your lives, your moments and let us capture some artwork for you to cherish for years. I cannot thank you enough for valuing what I do and the time I put into this, my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. <3 Happy 2013 to you and yours!

and in no particular order….


Moment 1:  Just captured, I said ok smile at me and little baby Julia did just that, a sweet baby smile with her parents. Love that she’s posing on her own already! ; )

Moment 2: A snapshot of my own!  My hands down WINNER for best reaction to a Christmas gift this year, the monkey pillow. Do you think she was happy with it?


Moment 3: This super cute little family has endured SO much, little Ella is in remission from cancer and is doing very well and such a bright happy little girl. I love that this image captures the happiness of their family together. SO many prayers have been lifted up for you sweet girl!



Moment 4: I love this shot so much because we didn’t think we would get an image with sweet little Peyton happy, but in between trying to get the “perfect shot” the perfect shot was captured of this family having fun and as they are. <3


Moment 5: I was at little Lucy’s for her one year pictures, I thought let’s get some of her in her crib and she crawled up to me with this face. I mean how adorable is that???


Moment 6: Sari is a local photographer and is never in pictures with her own kids, I love this shot of us trying to get one and them being so fun and clearly the kids being themselves = perfection.

Moment 7: While photographing one of my favorite vacationing clients it started to pour on us…they didn’t stop no, they played in the rain and I played right along. It’s not your traditional family portrait but a great story and their family being just as they are.


Moment 8: This adorable little family is one of my favorites, our kids are close friends and they have been wonderful neighbors to us. Percy and Carla are amazing photographers themselves and when I took them out we got many great shots of their family but this one I think just captures the chaos and fun of having two little kids, I know this feeling very well. : )


Moment 9:  Little man here was trying hard not to crack a smile during his session but we broke him and one of my favorite family images was born.

Moment 10: I could not help but include this image with mommy, big sister and her new baby sister inside the womb. Looking forward to meeting this sweet newbie in 2013!!!

Moment 11: Little Jack made me run this year for his family pictures, such sweet toddler energy and as we were walking to our next location I quickly captured this, I love the light here and the moment with mom and dad.



Moment 12: Sweet Skylar  loves her Daddy’s singing. What made her laugh the most was him singing Mike Wasowski from Monster’s Inc…..one of my all time favorite Disney movies and here she is in all her glory.  : )


Moment 13: So I LOVE this family and their newborn session was really fantastic, so many beautiful images however…this moment not set up or planned of puppy awaiting looking out the window while I was waiting for baby is one of my favorite pet pictures. I <3 animals.


Moment 14:  I love the genuine smiles captured here during some cuddle time with Mom, so perfect.


Moment 15: I don’t get the opportunity to do many newborn sessions with older siblings so this was a first and I loved it, one more beautiful addition to this lovely little family.


Moment 16: I adore this image of Momma and baby in the beautifully uniquely decorated room! It’s just beyond precious and what I know motherhood is all about.

Moment 17: This image I just adore, I don’t do many weddings but this family has a big chunk of my heart now. <3 They were clients of mine and when they got engaged asked me to do their wedding. I took it on and had the wonderful wedding photographer Kristen Wynn as my amazing helper. I had so many images from this day. I chose this one because Dawn is a mother of two amazing boys and Todd is so amazing with them, he didn’t just marry their mother but finally became a family. This day was very important and emotional to these boys as well. Dawn danced with each boy as Todd and their brother looked on. Such heartfelt moments!


Moment 18: I chose this image because I could not ask my Lily to make this face if I tried. Priceless.


Moment 19: This mother was having this beautiful moment with her new baby, anyone that does a newborn session with me knows it takes work to get these images and for these we were just letting baby calm down with Momma. I love it, one of my all time favorite mommy/ baby moments.

Moment 20: There is nothing like a moment with your little one, this one here just tugs at my heart as a momma to  two little girls.

Moment 21: Though I have more “perfect” images of this one, this one I love because of the way Skylar is looking at her new baby with such love. Seriously one of my favorite sibling images.

Moment 22: A cuddle from mom and dad, I love how squishy and perfect little Ian is. I love the arms wrapped around him with such love ready to raise him with open arms. It captures the newness of parenthood in it’s finest.

Moment 23: I think this is one of my favorite daddy/ kiddo moments. How adorable is this moment between these two? This little guy is cracking up!


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Orlando Family Photographer/ The H Family

I don’t often get to photograph families with so many older children, but I sure had a blast with the Hazlett family for their family session this year! This super loving family was so easy to work with and the kids are just amazing and so much fun. : )

Momma (Kim) is the owner of Cookie Cutter Creations, an awesome custom cookie company. I always get my character cookies from Kim for birthdays and she has also done some marketing cookies for me in the past as well and will be in the future…might your company or business be lucky to get some of these from us? : ) : ) : ) I highly recommend Kim for her amazing cookies, they are sometimes difficult to eat because they are like little works of art! ; ) However, I highly advise eating them because they are SO delicious!!!

Kim, it was a pleasure to photograph your family this year. I just love how your session turned out, the colors, the outfits the wonderfully fun family = perfection!

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