Lake Nona Senior Photographer/ Nathan and Family Sneak Peek

This session brought up a lot of emotions for me as Nathan was in my first and second grade classrooms when I was working full time as an elementary school teacher. His mom claims I am the reason he loves reading. What teacher doesn’t love to hear that! 😉 I do strongly believe an early love of reading makes for a lifelong love of it. When his mom contacted me about these portraits I was naturally so happy to see him all grown up, it’s a little full circle for me as an educator. My last group of kids are graduating high school, how has it been that many years?

This was also my last session for now, until we can reschedule again, which we will. We had the most beautiful evening with light! Nathan’s grandparents were supposed to be here for the session as well to get some big family portraits and sadly due to the nature of the world right now they were unable to make it. Hopefully when they do make it we can get together for a group portrait.

Nathan, I can’t wait to see what you do with your life. I’m so happy your mom has kept in touch so I can see all of the social media posts.

And for all my seniors out there, both portrait and those that were my babies years ago in my 2nd grade class I have been thinking of you nonstop. You are ALL amazing and will make the world a better place!