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Lake Nona Senior Photographer/ Brennan

What a joy it has been to photograph Brennan for his senior portraits. I was trying to remember how old he was when we actually met. He was definitely in elementary school and our neighbor for several years! Talk about growing up before your eyes, this guy has done that. He’s such a wonderful personality to be around. I had so much fun creating these with him and his mom in Lake Nona.

Lake Nona Family Photographer/ The C Family Sneak Peek

I recently got to see another beautiful family that has been in front of my camera for so many years! I’m so thankful they still trust me with their most precious family moments. I had an “aha” moment as Aiden (big brother) got out of the car this year. When I first photographed him he was a young child and all of a sudden he looks completely different this year. I know as parents we see our kids daily and don’t always notice this but I feel like I just saw him yesterday, it really took me a moment because he had grown so much this past year! I was thinking, wow, have I really been a portrait photographer that long? That my babies are now my middle and high schoolers? The answer is yes. With each year comes experience and hopefully those photos keep improving for all of my families as I focus on being the best I can each and every year. I value growth, I value a good skillset and I value being the person that is reliable for all of my families. (Yes I have back up gear for everything in case technology does it’s thing and it will).

So thank you to this beautiful family who I just adore and am so happy to photograph every year.

Lake Nona Family Photographer/ The P Family Sneak Peek

I have been photographing this family for so long in Orlando! The first session I had with them was when little sis was only two years old. It’s such a joy to see families grow year after year It’s truly incredible how our children grow right before our eyes. Making connections with families is definitely the most special part of what I do as a Lake Nona photographer!

These beautiful girls know me and are comfortable with me so it makes a big difference in getting those wonderful portraits to hang up in their home!

Lake Nona Family Photographer/ The D Family Sneak Peek

I started photographing this family when it was just two and now there are FIVE! I love watching the growth and changes and how every season has its special precious moments. I last saw sweet baby Charlie for her newborn portraits and she’s now over one and walking everywhere! Toddlers have their own agenda for portraits and that’s ok, we love capturing them just as they are so you can remember them for the special tiny people that they are or the amazing teenagers they have turned into!

Orlando Children’s Photographer/ Brooks is One Year Old!

It can easily be said that the first year after birth can be the longest and fastest year of your life! Many of us are up at night often, running on just a few hours of sleep and trying to adjust to your new life as a parent and being responsible for another life. It’s filled with countless firsts, joys, laughs, memories and many in which we can forget as this season of life is so short lived. Next to the newborn session (which let’s face it, is priceless) we have baby milestones including the one year portrait session. Babies change so much in that first year, it’s truly incredible!

It was such a joy to have sweet Brooks into the studio for his one year portraits at our Lake Nona studio! The one year birthday theme was nautical for this sweet baby boy and I’m so glad we could incorporate that into his one year photo session. Thank you Mom for choosing the JSP Orlando Studio to capture your Orlando Baby Photography this year!

Orlando Maternity Photographer/ The H Family

Tyler and Kim first contacted me from their home in Wisconsin to discuss portraits while they were on their “babymoon” in Orlando! They wanted to photos to feel like Florida and not just a wooded space like they can do back home. I showed them the beautiful areas in historic Winter Park which always make for a lovely backdrop! I contacted this incredible location and we had our date set. Then, the ever famous Florida summer rain showed up. So thankful they were able to reschedule during their time here because we got some amazing Winter Park maternity portraits!

Thank you Tyler and Kim for choosing me as your Orlando Vacation Photographer! I had such a great time meeting you and hope you are enjoying every moment with that precious baby.