About the JSP Portrait Experience

Do you have a favorite memory of yourself and your loved ones growing up? I do and some of them are vivid in my memory because of the portraits my parents took, printed them out and put them in an album or frame in our home. They feel real to me and I’m not sure they would if I didn’t have those visuals where I could enjoy them. In our current digital world, images are not scarce but are often not printed and left on a device. Your digital images get left behind. Imagine having those images and the feelings of those days together, professionally crafted for your family to enjoy all of the time on your wall and in your home.

The JSP Studio offers a full service custom portrait experience for all families. We know that that memories are precious and time is fleeting. Babies don’t keep, nor do teenagers and we want to help you create something that will be meaningful and loved by you. When you reach out to us we will schedule a phone consultation to chat about what you are looking for in your portraits. Upon booking we will start the planning process with you to create the perfect portrait session and what you are looking to design for your home. When your images are ready we will schedule your gallery viewing and assist in the selection process.


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